Technology Employed

Khumo is utilizing an advanced and integrated software package that is designed to increase efficiencies and reduce administrative costs. It is utilised as both an administrative and financial package. It also has an investment module which helps in valuation, portfolio selection, investment appraisal and employs DCF and forecasting techniques.

The softwares simplifies the administrative processes, including financial reporting and controls. It also helps in the preparation of budgets, keeps detailed records, maintains accounts and produces more than twenty standards reports on Key Performance Areas(KPIs).The system has a risk management component, capable of tracing and documenting all entries and transactions in the system and allocating them to the users.

The MDA System is also adaptable.The System also incorporates financial activities and is capable of doing the following financial activities, among others;

  • Accounts Receivable (debtors), Accounts Payable (creditors), Fixed Assets, and Cash Book.
  • It is user friendly (from the users and systems administrators’ point of view). 
  • Flexibility (fewer limitations on the parameters), ability to import and export to other systems.
  • It has a capability to work well over the Wide Area Network.

MDA is mainly used as aproperty management tool. It covers the following general areas as well:

  • Property budget preparation and one year trading forecast
  • Debtors management and credit control
  • Property Investment Analysis and Valuations
  • Monthly management accounts
  • Asset management